Super Set
Rotator Cuff Exercises – 3×20
Super Set
Side Laterals – 3×20
Front Raises – 3×20
Rear Delt Raises – 3×20
DB Flyes – 2×15
Inc. DB Flyes – 2×15
DB Upright Rows – 3×12
Fat Bar Lat Pulls – 3×12
Hammer Curls – 3×15
Seated Calf Raise – 3×20
Plate Side Bends – 3×20
I took it easy tonight to let my elbow heal.

Phil’s WABDL Push-Pull National Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships Meet Report

1st attempt 661lbs (Texas open 242 and 242 submaster records)
2nd attempt 688lbs – missed
3rd attempt 688lbs – missed
2nd Place 242 open
1st Place 242 submaster
Best lifter submaster deadlift
Today was not a good day for me. I opened with 661lbs a record in both the open and submaster 242 divisions. I planned on being conservative and going 705lbs on my second attempt which should have been a fairly easy lift. My opener didn’t go easy like it normally does. Two Mondays ago I did a 570lbs deadlift with 120lbs of chains, which is 690lbs at lockout for two reps. I think I either peaked then or I just haven’t fully recovered yet. This was a 97% attempt at lockout for a double.


Blast Strap Pushups – 2×20
BP – bar x5, 95×5, 135×5, 185×5, 225×17
I stopped here due to injury. My elbows have been giving me problems and on my last set tonight my left elbow started hurting real bad. Good thing I am only deadlifting at the WABDL meet on Saturday.

NHE Diet

As of today I have been on the NHE (Natural Hormonal Enhancement) diet for a week. I tried the last week of June and the three day weekend/4th of July weekend I cheated three days in a row. I know that I need this diet to improve my diabetes and help with hepatitis C. Every book or website that deals with natural health/medicine, holistic medicine, says that low carb diets are the way to go. Even my holistic doc recommended this type of diet. I had to get motivated and committed to do this. Most of all it will improve my health and it will also help improve my lifting. I discovered a few months back that I had low testosterone levels and this diet will improve my levels.
My starting weight was 246lbs and I now weight 238lbs. My fasting blood glucose levels dropped from 130ml to 107ml. With this diet my glucose levels can stay in the normal non-diabetic range.
My goal is to spend 4-6 weeks loosing fat and after that I will increase my calories to gain muscle. I be a lot leaner at 242lbs. This is something I plan to be ongoing. I will cycle between phases to loose fat and muscle gaining phases. This should eventually get me to a lean 242lbs.


Blast Strap Pushus – 2×20
DE BP w/60lbs of chains – 185x3x9
MM 5 Board Press – 315×5, 405×2, 405×1
Super Set
Overhead Tricep Ext. w/thick handle & green band – 3×50
DB Cleans – 3×15
Super Set
Plate Side Bends – 45x3x20
Seated Calf Raise – 3×20
Hammer Curls – 25x3x15


Blast Strap Pushups – 2×20
BP – 135×5, 185×3, 225×3, add 3 board 275×3, 315×3, 365×1, add F6 bench shirt 455×0, 455×0 (bad handoff), 405×1, 455×1 (switched handoff person) 495×1
DB BP – 55x2x20
Rope Tricep Pressdowns – 3×15
Lat Pulldowns w/Fat V-bar – 3×12
Spread Eagle sit-ups – 25x3x15
I was going to bench at the upcoming WABDL meet. I have decided against it since I didn’t have enough time to work with the Titan F6. My first two attempts with 455 off of 3 boards failed due to a back liftoff. The bar wasn’t high enough or far enough down. I wasn’t able to get setup good; the bar was way out of my groove.