AUG. 10 – ME BP

Blast Strap Pushups – 2×20
Rotator Cuff – 2×20
Mini Band Pressdowns – 1×100
Floor Press (CG) +90lbs chains
bar x5
Tate Presses – 20x3x10
DB Rows – 100x3x10
Mini Band Rear Delts – 3×20
Green Band Kneeling Pulldown Abs – 3×15
Hammer Curls – 25x3x15
DB Wrist Curls (both directions) – 3×20
Mini Band Pressdowns – 1×100
Elbow started hurting during floor presses. Sunday was my first bench workout since I hurt my elbow a few weeks ago. I have been doing pressdowns with a mini band to rehab my elbow. I started doing wrist curls tonight. I am doing this along with adding grip and some other exercises to help prevent muscular imbalances to avoid injury. The other exercises I will be adding including grip work should help reduce and prevent elbow pain.

AUG. 07 – DE BP

Rotator Cuff Work – 2×20
Mini Band Pressdowns – 1×100
DE BP w/1 Board – 205x8x3
MM 5 Board Press – 365×5, 405×3, 405×5
Super Set
Fat V-Bar Lat Pulls – 4×12
DB Laterals – 4×12
My elbow hurt a little during speed bench. I iced it when I got home. The Metal Militia board pressed didn’t bother my elbow. I’m glad to be back training and I’m preparing for the APF Texas Cup in November. I was on vacation last week and I am well rested and ready to train.