SEP. 28 – ME BP

rotator cuff exercises (super set)- 2×20 ea.
405×3 <-- add Metal Viking shirt off of 3 boards 455x1 <-- 3 boards 495x0 <-- 1 board/my right hand missed lockout by an inch 495x0 <-- touch/my right hand missed lockout by an inch rack lockouts w/doubled monster minis - 225x10, 315x5, 405x3, 405x2 DB cleans - 30x3x12 I started doing rack lockouts tonight. I'm blowing the weights up and can't lockout my right hand with weights that are typically my openers. I will make sure to hit these once a week. I will also concentrate on 5 board presses. I will use Metal Militia style board presses on 4 boards and below and regular board presses on 5 boards.

SEP. 26 – ME SQ/DL

hip mobility work and stretching
405×1 <-- add Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 495x1 585x1 640x1 <-- straps up from here on 700x0 <-- took too long getting set and lost my breath 700x0 <-- bar too far in front of me super set
GHR – 3×12
rev. hypers – 180x3x10
pulldowns abs – 3×15
My form was better on the lighter sets and 640. My form wasn’t bad on the first attempt at 700. I spent too much time setting my grip and lost my breath. I got the bar to below my knees. I need to continue to work on my form. After the APF Texas Cup in November, I need to start working my top end. My deadlift hasn’t progressed much since the Cup last November. I need to go back and review my training logs and see what I was doing when my deadlift was progressing better. I know two keys to improving are to continue to improve my deadlift form and work the top end. I also intend on doing more quad work.

SEP. 25 – DE BP

rotator cuff exercises (super set)- 2×20 ea.
mini band pressdowns – 1×100
DE BP w/doubled mini bands – 135x9x3
MM 5 board press w/doubled mini bands – 225×8, 315×5, 405×3
seated db shoulder press – 60x3x15
rev. grip pulldowns – 3×15
stability ball sit-ups – 3×20

SEP. 22 – DE SQ/DL

stretching and mobility
DE Box SQ w/blue, green, and purple bands – 175x5x2
DL – 225x4x1, 315x6x1
Deadlifts tonight weren’t done in a dynamic effort fashion, instead they were done slow and the main focus was form. Erik worked with me on my deadlift form. My deadlift technique needs work. We reviewed videos of my deadlift and discovered that my shoulders are usually too far over the bar and my shoulders are rounded. I have missed several deadlifts at lockout due to not using optimal form. We are deadlifting heavy on Monday and that will be the real test for these technique tweaks.

SEP. 21 – ME BP

rotator cuff exercises (super set)- 2×20 ea.
rev. band BP w/green bands double choked on top pin (normally when we use green bands we attch them to the top of the rack, so we didn’t get as much help from the bands)
super set
stability ball DB BP – 60×15, 60x2x15
fat v-bar pulldowns – 100x3x15
super set
pressdowns – 50x3x20
chain leg raises – 40x3x15
hammer curls – 20x3x15
stability ball sit-ups – 3×20
band pressdowns w/light band – 1×100

SEP. 19 – ME SQ/DL

stretching and mobility
345×3 <-- add Metal briefs 455x2 545x1 <-- add Metal Pro Squatter 645x1 <-- straps up 705x1 <-- add knee wraps/straps up 755x1 <-- knee wraps/straps up 905x1 <-- Double rev. blue band box squat/straps up and wraps super set
GHR – 3×15
pulldown abs – 50x3x15