OCT. 05 – ME BP

rotator cuff (super set) – 2×20 ea. exercise
db flyes – 40x3x12
supinated fat bar pulldowns – 120x4x15
Trap Blaster Shrugs – 270x3x10
hammer curls – 20x3x15
rear delt flyes – 20x3x12
seated calf raises – 115x3x20
I didn’t do any pressing or tricep work tonight so my elbow can heal.

OCT. 02 – DE BP

rotator cuff work (super set)- 2×20 ea. exercise
mini band pressdowns – 1×100
DE BP w/doubled minis – 135x6x3
super set
fat v-bar pulldowns – 3×20
db laterals – 20x3x12
super set
seated calfs – 115x3x20
side bends – 45x3x20
rolling thunder – 100×1 ea. hand, 135×1 ea. hand, 185×1 right hand missed with left, 135×2 left hand
I skipped board presses and shoulder presses to help my elbow recuperate.