Rotator Complex
Blast Strap Pushups (paused at bottom) – 3×10
DE BP w/doubled minis – 165x6x3
Pause BP (ea. rep paused) – 275x2x5
Standing DB Tricep Ext. – 60x3x10
Clay B Pulldowns – 120x3x10
DB Side Laterals – 20x3x20
Hammer Curls – 20x3x10


Floor Press w/El Gordo (fat bar)
305×3 PR
345×3 PR
365×1 PR
375×1 PR *The PR’s are with this particular bar
MM 5 Board Press
Standing DB Tricep Ext. – 55x3x10
3 plates x10
4 plates x2x10
4 plates x10 + light band
DB Cleans – 25x3x10
Hammer Curls – 25x3x15
I had a really good workout tonight. My raw strength on the bench is improving. I am on the road to a bigger bench. My elbow problems are no longer holding me back.


135×5 <-- double overhand grip 245x3 335x1 445x1 <-- add Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 535x1 <-- alternating grip 645x1 <-- add belt & straps up 705x0 <-- suit too tight hard to get down to bar 45° Hypers w/doubled light band - 3x20 Hack SQ on EFS Power SQ Machine - 4 plates x3x10 Plate Pinch Grips - 25s x3 5 sec. holds per hand KB Holds (KB upside down gripping the bottom) - 26x3 5 sec. holds per hand My deadlift suit is too small for me and I need to order a bigger suit. I am sacrificing my form to grip the bar and by the time I get my grip my back is rounded and I lose my air. I didn’t use the hook grip tonight because I plan on using an alternating grip for Seniors. I plan on using the hook grip in future meets, but I feel like I need some more work with the hook. I am still trying to figure out a better way to train my deadlift and the hook grip will dictate some changes. Since you don’t get as much speed off the floor with the hook grip I need to find things to help in this area. I will continue to do speed pulls, but I am thinking about adding rack pulls from the lowest pin in our power rack. This would take all the speed out of the picture and I feel like this would help due to a lot of focus on speed pulls over the last 2.5 years.

APRIL 22 – Extra Workout

Leg Ext. – 110×15, 130×15, 160×15
Donkey Calf Raise – 400x3x20
Pull Throughs – 110x3x10
Low Pulley Rows – 180×10, 260×10, 300×10
Pulldowns – 160×10, 180×10 ,200×10
Rear Delt Machine – 120×10, 140×10, 160×10
Flye Machine – 110×10, 120×10, 130x2x10
Preacher Curl Machine – 95×15, 100×15, 120×15, 130×15
Wrist Curls (palms down) – 40x3x15
Super Set
Rev. Curls – 70x2x10
EZ Barl Curls – 70x2x10


Rotator Cuff Complex
45×5 <-- add light bands (POR) 95x3 135x3 185x3 <-- add 4 boards 225x3 255x2 275x0 425x1 <-- no bands | 2 boards (comp. grip) | add Metal Viking Pro shirt 455x1 <-- 1 board 475x1 <-- touch DB Press w/light bands 70x15 100x4 missed locking out 5th rep by 2 inches CSR - 3 plates x3x10 Face Pulls - 60x3x12 Pulldown Abs - 3x20


55×5 <-- Metal Pro Briefs 145x5 255x5 345x3 455x1 545x1 <-- Add Metal Ace w/straps down & belt 655x1 <-- Forgot belt on this set, but still easy 745x1 <-- (full gear) Straps up, belt, & knee wraps 805x1 955x1 <-- Double rev. blue band box squat | full gear GHR w/medicine ball - 25x3x12 GHR sit-ups w/medicine ball - 25x3x15 The Ace is working really well for me. Two weeks ago I found the groove and each week my form gets a little better. I figured some things out on the setup tonight and it helped quite a bit. 805 felt easier than my last meet. 804 will be my opener at Seniors.