Rotator Cuff Exercises
Face Pulls w/light band – 1×100
45×3 <-- add doubled mini bands 95x3 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x1 <-- add 3 board 335x0 405x1 <-- no bands | 3 board | add Metal Viking Pro shirt 455x1 <-- 2 board 495x0 <-- barely missed locking right arm by an inch 495x0 <-- barely missed locking right arm by an inch CSR 3 plates x1x10 4 plates x2x10 My shirted bench work went well regardless of barely missing lockout by an inch with my right arm. The weights were moving very fast off my chest. I think part of the lockout problem was due to my bar speed. My lockout has been improving and I first noticed this last week during floor presses and tonight during the band bench presses indicated that my lockout is getting stronger. I need to do some pin presses to help with that last few inches of my lockout. I need to work on rotating my elbow at lockout. I really think by focusing on rotating my elbow that should help. Sean also pointed out that I am not using my lats when I bench, which is now a focus point. My training for Seniors went well, but I feel even more prepared for AWPC Worlds. My speed has been fast on all three lifts.


135×5 <-- Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 225x2 315x1 405x1 <-- add belt 495x1 <-- straps up 585x1 655x1 655x1 45° Hypers w/doubled light band 3x10 ea. rep held at top GHR sit-ups w/medicine ball - 3x15 Tonight was my last heavy deadlifting before AWPC Worlds and I will only do DE deadlifting the rest of my training cycle. All of my deadlifts were fast and felt good. Several members of our crew commented on the speed of my pulls. They have seen me deadlift a lot in the past, so I take this as a good indicator of my speed improving. I tweaked my back a couple Fridays ago and the Monday following that I squatted in gear. The reverse bands squats aggravated my back and it bothered me for a little short of a week. My back felt fine pulling tonight and seems to be 100%. Pat Roberts coached my on my form and it was a big help. I have a bad habit of keeping my head down. I was able to correct this on my last two pulls. The Velcro straps I had put on my Metal Deadlifter have made a big difference and I am able to get down to the bar and setup better. I used the suit for the first time at Seniors due to sending it off too late. My third deadlift at Seniors, I had Erik tighten the straps so the were snug and I have not adjusted the straps since. With the way I have the straps currently adjusted, they are expanded 3 inches longer.


Rotator Cuff Exercises
DE BP w/80lbs of chain
BP w/40lbs of chain
275x2x3 <-- ea. rep paused V-Bar Pulldowns - 138x3x10 Super Set
DB Power Cleans – 25x3x10
Hammer Curls – 25x3x12
Seated Calf Raises – 135x3x20
DB Obliques – 70x3x15


Floor Press w/El Gordo fat bar & 80lbs of chain (P.O.R.)
6 Board Press
Super Set
CSR – 3 plates x3x10
Clay Lats – 138×10, 228x2x10
Hammer Curls – 55x3x8
Super Set
Rear Delt Raises – 20x3x10
Seated Calf Raises – 170x3x20
Plate Pinch Grips
25’s x1 static hold per hand
35’s x0
25’s x3 static hold per hand
This was the best max effort bench workout I have had in a year. My max effort bench workouts have not been the same since my elbow injuries last year. My elbows have been fully healed for a while, but I wasn’t back to the level I was prior to the injuries. My workouts have been getting steadily better over the past few months, but this workout was a break through for me. I normally miss ¾ of the way up on floor presses. Tonight was proof that my lockout was improving. When it would start getting a little more difficult, I was able to keep pushing and lock the weight out. My bench training is working and I feel like I am finally on the right track.


Blast Strap Pushups – 3×10
DE Floor Press w/mini bands
MM 4 Board Press – 365x3x5
DB Inc. BP (bench @ 60°) – 70x3x10
Super Set
CSR – 4 plates x3x10
Power Shrug Bar Shrugs – 6 plates x3x10
Rolling Thunder
95×1 per hand
140×1 per hand
165×1 per hand