405×1 <-- add Metal Viking Pro and 3 boards 435x1 <-- 2 boards 455x1 <-- 1 board 500x0 <-- touch 500x0 <-- touch Floor JM Press 135x10 225x10 275x4 225x9 Super Set
Pulldowns – 158x4x10
Clay Lats – 158x4x10
Hammer Curls – 25x3x15
Plate Pinch Grips – 25’s x3 static holds ea. hand
GHR sit-ups w/medicine ball – 25x3x15
I used a smaller Metal Viking Pro shirt tonight and it made a big difference. My shirts are a size 58 and Gary let me use his size 54 shirt. I was fast off my chest and near lockout the bar would dip back down. I need to really hammer my lockout. I plan on doing Metal Militia board presses on DE bench day and regular board presses on ME bench day. I need to really hit high boards on ME day. The smaller shirt made a big difference and by training my lockout hard, I should hit a good PR at AWPC Worlds. I did more back work than usual and plan on this regularly. I usually do one back exercise. I will do two exercises per workout or do one exercise with the same number of sets as I would with two exercises. I’m adding the extra back to make sure my upper back is stable on the squat.

JUNE 13 – Received AWPC Worlds Invitation

Today I received my invitation to AWPC Worlds. I was offered an alternate entry in the 242 Masters (40-44) division. The Texas APF does not hold AAPF meets, so I was unable to qualify for AAPF Nationals or AWPC Worlds. I applied as an alternate and I’m officially competing. I will be taking a drug test since I didn’t compete in a qualifying meet. I am now set for next year since this will qualify me for AAPF Nationals. Next year I can compete open 242 as well as Masters (40-44).


EFS Power Squat w/close stance
2 plates x5
4 plates x5
6 plates x5
8 plates x5
10 plates x5
12 plates x5
Upper Back GM’s
Hise Shrugs – 425x4x12
45° Hypers w/4″ cambered bar – 115x3x10
Super Set
Vertical Leg Raises – 2×15
Gripper Machine – 80x2x10
Seated Calf Raises – 115x2x20
Pulldown Abs – 158x1x20
Lower abs were cramping so I stopped here. This was my first workout after Seniors. I have 5 training weeks until AWPC Worlds including this week. I started doing upper back GM’s and Hise Shrugs tonight. I’m adding more upper back work to help with upper back stability on the squat. I will be doing these regularly along with increase volume on my back work on bench press workouts.

2006 APF Senior Nationals

Rockman’s 2006 APF Senior Nationals Meet Report
June 3, 2006 – Las Vegas, NV
10th Place 242s (out of 21 lifters)
1st attempt – 804lbs
2nd attempt – 859lbs missed
3rd attempt – 859lbs missed
My first attempt was easy and I was complimented by a judge on my depth. On my second and third attempts I was leaning too far forward and couldn’t finish the lift. I had the seventh highest squat in the 242s.
1st attempt – 485lbs missed
2nd attempt – 485lbs
3rd attempt – 518lbs missed
On my first attempt my shirt was jacked too much. My second attempt we readjusted my shirt and jacked it a lot less. My third attempt I missed it about ¾ the way up.
1st attempt – 644lbs
2nd attempt – 705lbs missed
3rd attempt – 705lbs
Total 1994
I missed my second attempt due to being on my toes too much. I was using a different setup on my first two attempts, which is the same setup I use when hook gripping. Sean recommended that I go back to my drop and grab setup. I had to have Velcro added to my Metal Deadlifter due to the weight I have gained and did not get to use it until the meet. The straps were loose on the first two attempts and I had Erik tighten them on my last attempt. After making these adjustments I was successful on my third attempt.
What can I say, but I didn’t have a very good day. I had one of my best training cycles ever training for this meet. I weighed in Friday morning right on the money at exactly 242.5lbs. I had to cut more weight than usual this time around. My average weight this training cycle was 256lbs. I normally average 250lbs during a training cycle. I had more weight than usual to cut. The Sunday before the meet I was down to 253lbs. I did 45 minutes of cardio each morning the week of Seniors. Wednesday night I was worried that my weight wasn’t dropping fast enough and I did 30 minutes in the evening, this is addition to the 45 minutes of cardio I did in the morning.
Lessons Learned
One of the first things I need to work on is strengthening my upper back. My back was rounding on the squat and was an attributing factor to my failed squat attempts. A stronger upper back will also help my deadlift. Along adding upper back good mornings and Hise shrugs to improve my squat, I plan on doing more upper back work and using heavier weight.
I will not drop as much weight for a meet again. My briefs were not as tight as usual in the legs and I was able to put my bench shirt on by myself.
I also learned at this meet that I am benching in a shirt that is not tight enough. I need to go to a smaller shirt so I can get more support.
On a positive note my grip work is helping. I didn’t have any problems with my grip during the deadlift. I will make sure to keep up the grip work.