135×3 <-- Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 225x3 315x3 405x1 585x1 <-- add belt 605x1 <-- straps up 655x0 655x0 Pulldown Abs - 70x3x20 This was my first workout since AWPC Worlds and it wasn’t a very good workout. I figured since I didn’t pull at Worlds since I bombed, that it would be alright to pull heavy. My first attempt at 655, I got it past my knees and almost locked it out. I started losing my grip with my left hand and put the bar down to keep from dropping the bar. I made the mistake of not taking phosphatidylserine. I figured since I didn’t get past the squat at Worlds that I didn’t need it. Ray brought up a good point when I was telling him about not taking phosphatidylserine after the meet like I did follow Seniors. He said 3 attempts at 810lbs would affect my CNS. I will not make the mistake of not taking phosphatidylserine after a meet again. It really helps my CNS bounce back more quickly.

2006 AWPC Worlds

AWPC Worlds – Flint, MI
AWPC Worlds went nothing like I expected or wanted. I had my first bomb ever. It was also the first time I didn’t make weight in the almost three years I have been back. I missed weight by a pound. I was dehydrated from cutting water on Friday. I was able to urinate just enough for my drug test. I managed to drop the pound and make weight.
I lifted on Sunday and there were 22 lifters in the one and only flight of the day. The warm-ups were rushed and we didn’t get much time to warm-up.
1st attempt 810lbs – Too high. I was losing my balance on the descent and cut the squat short and came back up. I knew it was going to be high.
2nd attempt 810lbs – I lost my balance and missed the lift. One of the judges said I was still about 2 inches high.
3rd attempt 810lbs – I had Erik loosen my straps and wrap looser on my knee wraps. I once again lost my balance.
I had balance problems at this meet and Senior Nationals. The straps are wide on my new squat suit and I had to carry the bar further up on my shoulders to keep the bar from slipping. I read on Elite FTS that Ox Mason had to have his straps cut from a 5 inch width to a 3 inch width to resolve the same type of problem with his suit. Another option would be to improve my shoulder flexibility and bring my hands in closer. This should help me keep the bar on my back and help me to squat more upright. I didn’t have this problem until I switched suits. The suit is a good suit. I just have to find a way to keep the bar on my back where I used to carry it.
Thanks to Erik, Sean and Scott for there help on Sunday. I really appreciated all your help and support.


Rotator Cuff Exercises
425×1 <-- add 3 board & Metal Viking Pro 455x1 <-- 2 board 475x1 <-- no boards 485x1 CSR 3 plates x10 4 plates x10 5 plated x10 KB Rear Delts - 23x3x10 This was my last workout before AWPC Worlds. I plan on opening around 475 on the bench. I feel fully recovered and I will have 11 days off before Worlds. This has been a good training cycle; I consider it to be one of my best ever. I really feel like phosphatidylserine has helped my recovery. I started using it my last week of training before Seniors. The last week of training I only took it on workout days and after Seniors I took it every day. I took a week off from training. I took 3 grams a day after workouts and when I went to taking it every day after Seniors I took a gram a day. I normally feel a little weak the first 2 weeks of training after a meet, but this time around I didn’t. I also normally start feeling tired and a little beat up the last week of training for a meet, and didn’t this time. This is an awesome supplement. It helped my CNS bounce back after Seniors and has helped my CNS recovered. This is not a cheap supplement, but it is worth it. I highly recommend it and I thing you should at least us it the last 2-4 weeks of training and the 2 weeks following a meet.


4 Board Press w/doubled light bands
45×5 <-- add bands 135x3 185x3 225x3 <-- add boards 275x3 315x1 PR 325x0 325x0 DB BP - 100x2x5 Face Pulls - 50x2x20 V-Bar Pulldowns - 138x3x10 KB Holds (KB upside down gripping the bottom) - 26x3 5 sec. holds per hand This was a breakthrough workout. I hit a 20lbs PR and demonstrated that my lockout is getting stronger. This is the best bench press training cycle I have had in a quite a while. I am confident that my bench press is turning around. I should PR my bench at AWPC Worlds and I feel like by the APF Texas Cup in November there should be a significant increase on my bench. I have one more max effort bench day before Worlds.


255×5 <-- add Metal Pro Briefs 345x3 455x2 545x1 <-- add Ace Squatter w/straps down and belt 655x1 725x1 <-- straps up and wraps (full gear) 805x1 GM w/14" Cambered Bar 245x5 295x5 335x5 Pulldown Abs - 50x3x20 This was my last squat night with gear before AWPC Worlds. The weight was easy and the bar moved fast. I will be opening on the squat with 810lbs.


Rotator Cuff Exercises
DE Floor Press w/doubled monster minis
5 Board Press
*DB BP (rotating from palms facing to palms out) – 60x2x10
CSR – 4plates x3x10
Standing DB Shoulder Press – 55x3x10
Rolling Thunder
95×1 per hand
115×1 per hand
125×1 per hand
135×1 per hand
165×1 per hand
175×1 per hand
185×1 per hand
195×1 w/right hand x0 left hand
I did dumbbell presses with my palms facing in the down position and rotating the on the ascent. The reason I did this exercise was to work on rotating my elbows out as the weight is locked out. I will also focus on rotating my elbows out when I lockout weights on the bench press.