OCT. 25 – ME BP

DB BP (palms facing in)
Super Set
Tate Presses – 20x3x10
DB Tricep Ext. – 20x3x10
Tricep Kickbacks – 20x3x10
Super Set
Clay Lats – 138x3x10
Pulldowns – 138x3x10
Hammer Curls – 30x3x10
This was my last workout before the APF Texas Cup

OCT. 20 – DE SQ/DL

GHR – 3×12
45° Hypers – 3×20
Pulldown Abs – 50×60
Band Hip Abduction w/light band – 3×20
Rotator Cuff Work
I took it easy today. I didn’t think speed squats would be good since my hips are still sore. So I did some light accessory/recovery work. I have been doing my DE squat workout in the morning in order to make it to my daughter’s high school football games to see her perform in her high school band and watch her march at half time. It was well worth switching training times, but not much fun training in the morning.