OCT. 18 – ME BP

455×1 <-- add Ultimate Denim Shirt & 3 boards 495x1 <-- add belt & 1 board 525x1 <-- touch 555x0 <-- went below the support of the shirt Face Pulls - 50x3x10 Hammer Curls - 30x3x10 I stopped at the missed 555 due to still recovering from the weekend. My plan tonight was to just go up to my opener and touch. I got my opener and decided to go up. I lifted my head on my attempt at 555 and lowered my arch/stomach in the process. I kept my head down on the first attempt and it felt much better. I will keep my head down from now own since it worked better.

OCT. 16 – ME SQ/DL

435×2 <-- add Metal Pro Briefs 525x1 635x1 <-- add Metal Ace Squatter & belt 705x1 <-- straps up 805x1 <-- add wraps 865x0 45° Hypers - 3x20 Pulldown Abs - 50x3x20 I was feeling beat up from the weekend. I worked at the concession stand for my daughter’s high school. They hosted a marching band competition and I was on my feet for 8.5 hours straight. I work a desk job and I am not used to manual labor. My hips and lower back were very sore. I questioned whether I should be squatting that heavy tonight, but I did any way. I decided not to take the weight a second time. This is the first weight I missed on squat this training cycle. My squat 2 weeks prior felt easy and strong as have the prior squats this training cycle.

OCT. 11 – ME BP

405×3 <-- add 4 boards & shirt 455x2 <-- add 3 boards & belt 495x1 <-- no boards | no touch 495x1 <-- no touch 495x1 <-- no touch 525x1PR 545x1PR DB Rows - 140x3x10 Super Set
Single Arm Rear Delt Raise – 25x3x10
Hammer Curls – 25x3x10
I finally managed to touch in my Ultimate Denim. Both 525 and 545 were hard to touch, but easy to lockout.