OCT. 02 – ME SQ/DL

415×2 <-- add Metal Pro Briefs 505x1 595x1 <-- add Ace Squatter & Belt 685x1 750x1 <-- add knee wraps & straps up (full gear) 825x1 Vertical Leg Raise - 3x15 All my squats felt strong and easy. I didn't psych up much for the lifts and they still felt easy. I am sure that I didn't let the bar settle on the squat at my last two meets. By not getting too psyched, I made sure to let the bar settle before I descended. This sport as well as the mental aspect of it, is a matter of constantly tweaking. I learned at my raw meet on September 16th and in retrospect from other past meets and gym lifts, that over psyching is keeping me from reaching my full potential and keeping me from being a consistent lifter on the platform. My shirted benching this cycle is a confirmation of that theory. I am able to execute in a more technical manner than before. I just have to remember to stay in control mentally and I will be more successful.