NOV. 19 – DE BP

Rotator Cuff Work
Rev. Hypers – 180x2x10
DE Floor Press w/doubled monster minis & 3 boards
Paused Rep BP – 275x1x5
Super Set
Grappler Shoulder Presses
Clay Lats w/fat pro bar – 158x3x10
Grappler Rear Delts – 10x3x10
Hammer Curls – 40x3x10

NOV. 15 – ME BP

Rotator Cuff Work
Rev. Hypers – 180x2x10
365×3 <-- add 4 boards 385x3 405x1 385x3 <--The last two sets felt easier, thanks to Sean for helping me improve my form. 405x1 DB BP w/green band 60x1x10 80x1x5 Face Pulls - 70x4x10 CSR - 4 plates x3x8 Hammer Curls - 30x1x30 My last two sets on board presses felt easier, due to Sean helping me with my form. He had me to wait for the bar to settle and use my lats. It made a big difference.

NOV. 14 – Training Notes

I had an appointment with Dr. Brown my holistic doctor today. Dr. Brown is also a chiropractor, so I had him checkout my glute problem. The problem turned out to be a side effect of me tweaking my lower back at the Cup 10 days ago. Both glutes were shutdown due to the injury. After treatment, my glutes were back to normal.
Another thing he detected during my visit was that my aerobic conditioning was deficient. The muscle testing he performed showed how the aerobic deficiency was affecting my muscle endurance. He says that you need a good aerobic conditioning base to perform better anaerobically. I do low intensity cardio 3-4 times a week. Per Dr. Brown’s instructions, I need to monitor my heart rate and do my cardio different. He recommended 3 sessions a week in a sort of interval style. The sessions will consist of a 10 minutes of warm-up below my target heart rate, 10 minutes at my target heart rate, and a 10 minute cool down below my target heart rate. He gave me a different formula for target heart rate. The formula was developed by Dr. Philip Maffetone a doctor and world class endurance coach. The old formula has you at too high of a rate that is actually anaerobic. I really didn’t do cardio that intense. I am interested to see if it affects my training.

NOV. 13 – ME SQ/DL

GM w/14 inch cambered bar (Wide Stance)
High Box SQ w/14 inch cambered bar (Close Stance/16 inch box)
Super Set
GHR – 3×10
GHR sit-ups – 3×20
This was my first workout since the APF Texas Cup. The good mornings felt OK, but the squats didn’t feel very good. My right glute started bothering me after the meet. I must be a result of me tweaking my back on the squat. I will have my holistic doctor who is also a chiropractor check it out at my visit tomorrow.

2006 APF Texas Cup

For starters I want to thank Erik for handling me. There is no doubt that you are very dependable and an excellent handler. You have traveled to handle me on two different occasions. And as I mentioned you are very dependable and I never have to worry about you being there or being there on time. I couldn’t ask for a better handler. You’re support is awesome, no matter how bad I screw up, you are positive and make a bad situation the best it could be. Thanks for your support and thanks for being such an awesome friend.
Thanks to Stew, Roy, Jason V., and Kevin for your support and thanks to Kevin for the perfect lift offs.
This was another bomb for me. It would be two in row if I had not done the raw meet in September. It was harder than the first since I bombed on the squat again. The squat has been one of my best lifts and hasn’t looked that way this year. I noticed once again after dropping weight that I could pull my Ace Squatter up further. The suit gives me more support and makes it harder to hit depth.
1st Attempt – 804lbs (missed – due to bad setup)
2nd Attempt – 804lbs (missed – too high)
3rd Attempt – 804lbs (missed)
After bombing I decided to do bench only and deadlift only to finish the meet. My back was feeling a little tweaked after the squat. I got through warm-ups and wasn’t feeling good about benching, but I did PR and was able to touch OK.
1st Attempt – 523lbs (good and 11lbs PR)
2nd Attempt – 551lbs (missed lockout by 3 inches)
3rd Attempt – 551lbs (missed lockout by 3 inches)
I decided during my deadlift warm-ups to not deadlift. As mentioned I tweaked my back on the squat and it got worse after benching. During warm-ups everything felt heavy and my back was hurting worse. I did not pull to avoid further injury.
It was my intention to qualify for Seniors and AAPF Nationals at this meet. As of now my plan is to lift in the masters class at AAPF Nationals and qualify for Seniors there.