DEC. 31 – DE BP

Rotator Cuff Work
Mini band pressdowns – 1×100
BP – 285x3x5
5 Board Press
455x2x2 PR (30lbs PR)
Seated DB Shoulder Press – 60x3x10
Overhead Tricep Ext. w/green band – 4×30
Band Pressdowns w/green band – 3×20
Clay Lats – 140x3x10
Shoulder Horn – 10x2x20

DEC. 27 – ME BP

BP (7 lifts above 90%)
353×2 <-- add 2 board 373x1 393x1 PR 403x1 PR 413x1 PR <-- 30lbs PR 373x3 DB Decline BP - 100x3x10 Pulldowns - 208x3x10 Clay Lats - 70x3x30 Overhead DB Tricep Ext. - 55x3x10 Hammer Curls - 55x3x10 GHR sit-ups w/25lbs plate - 25x3x15 Tonight’s workout was an awesome workout. This was my second workout and first max effort bench workout with Erik and Chris. They started training with our group this past Sunday. They proved tonight that they are going to be great workout partners. They started training at BAG two years ago and they are ready to take their training to the next level. The workout was awesome. I set a 30lbs PR on 2 board presses tonight. This is a 30lbs increase in a five week period. I am applying the form tweaks I learned a couple weeks back to different max effort bench movements. I am getting stronger, but I have to give credit to my bench technique improvements.

DEC. 23 – Extra Workout

Hip Abduction
Donkey Calf Raise – 400x3x20
Seated Calf Raise – 250x3x20
Super Set
V-Bar Pulldowns – 120x2x10
Pulldowns – 200x2x10
Rear Delt Machine – 120x3x10
Upright Rows – 120x3x15
Hammer Curls – 75x2x8
Preacher Curl Machine
Wrist Roller – 60×3
Leg Raise w/DB between feet – 20x3x10
Elliptical Trainer – 30 min.

Training Notes

I have mentioned this several times in my training log this training cycle, but it is worth mentioning again in depth. Training the three competition lifts raw is good to do periodically. My hips would hurt during raw warm-ups on days I would squat in gear. The low end on my bench as well as benching in a full range of motion had gotten weaker from training for the shirt. Training for the gear and, or training in the gear can hurt your raw strength. Training to compete in a raw meet is one of the best things I could have done for my training. Prior to this I did all of my max effort work raw with the exception of training in gear every other week in preparation for a meet. In the future I will make sure to get in enough raw work when training for equipped meets to maintain my raw strength.

DEC. 22 – DE SQ/DL

Flexibility & Mobility Work
DE SQ w/buffalo bar – 342x5x2
Rev. Hypers – 540x3x10
Vertical Leg Raise – 3×12
This is my second week of dynamic effort squats. I did repetition squats for a three week wave to strengthen my hips. During my training cycle for my last meet on November 4, my hips would hurt when I was warming up on squats. Once I added briefs I was OK. Raw dynamic effort squats are usually uncomfortable and slightly painful. The raw free squats strengthened my hips and I can now do dynamic effort squats without pain.

DEC. 20 – ME BP

Floor Press
DB Rows – 140x3x8
Super Set
Tate Press – 25x3x10
Incline DB Curls – 25x3x10
DB Rear Delt Raise – 20x3x10
Tricep Kickbacks – 15x3x15
Wrist Ext. – 8x3x10
Band Pressdowns w/light band – 1×100
The last time I did floor presses I missed 365. 385 wasn’t easy, but it was smooth and didn’t slow down at any point. I am happy that my bench is progressing. I will continue to do repetition stuff and work the low end of my bench. I did a lot of this in preparation for my upcoming unequipped meet and it’s really helping my bench. This area used to be my strong point on the bench and I lost it by not maintaining it. Training for this raw meet was a good experience and I really learned from it.
I really think in powerlifting these days people over look rep work and raw training. Lifters train for the gear and with the gear and neglect other areas. If you’re going to compete in gear you have to do that. I think you need to maintain a balance.