DEC. 18 – ME SQ/DL

Flexibility & Mobility Work
DL @ 2 inch deficit w/doubled mini bands
495×1 PR
GM w/14 inch cambered bar
GHR w/green band – 3×10
Pulldown Abs – 90x1x60
My deadlifts felt fast and strong tonight. I was two staging the deadlifts and I switched from hook grip to an alternating grip and the two staging stopped. 495lbs was a 40lbs PR. I missed this same weight the last time I did these, which was over two years ago. Our new deadlift band platform is elevated two inches, so there was a little more complexity to the lift. I missed 495lbs in October of 2004 training for the APF Texas Cup where I pulled my first successful 705lbs deadlift. I haven’t successfully tested my deadlift since February and during my past training cycles I felt strong and my pulls were fast. I feel like deadlifting with bands will be the key in brining up my deadlift. They force me to have good form and to pull fast. They also force me to thrust my hips to lockout the weight. I was unsure on how to train my deadlift and Sean came up with a program. I will deadlift every other week as my ME exercise and will do rack pulls as my secondary movement on the opposite weeks.
I went light on good mornings due to my back bothering me while I was doing them. My back has still been bothering me a little. Last week I had my chiropractor adjust me. My glute minimus was shutdown as well as the psoas muscles. This was causing problems with my hips working properly. These problems were caused by me tweaking my back at the Cup in November. My back feels fine when I deadlift and squat.

DEC. 17 – DE BP

Rotator Cuff Work
DE BP (paused reps) – 225x5x3
5 Board Press
Super Set
Grappler Shoulder Presses – 50x3x10
V-Bar Pulldowns – 138x3x10
Fat Pro Bar Pulldowns – 138x3x10
Hammer Curls – 60x3x10
After three years of board presses, I had a breakthrough today. I thought I had been doing them correctly, but realized today that was not the case. I got really tight and locked my groove in. I have been too loose on board presses in the past. I plan to give this a try on full range bench. I was getting tight in the past, but not locking my arms. I also seemed to use my lats a lot more than in the past.