MAR. 02 – Training Notes

My bodyweight this morning was 250.5lbs. This puts me 8lbs away from competition weight. I have been successful sticking to my diet. I went to my family doctor Wednesday for my annual physical. My blood sugar has been high lately and I have to get control of it and improve my overall health. My blood pressure was good and all of my blood tests were good except my hemoglobin A1C and my blood glucose levels. This makes 4 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes and 3 years since I was diagnosed with Hep C.

MAR. 01 – DE SQ/DL

Flexibility & Mobility Work
DE SQ w/buffalo bar – 322x6x2 <-- Metal Pro Briefs & Belt 45° Hypers - 3x20 GHR - 3x10 Pulldown Abs - 120x3x10 This was my first time in brief since the APF Texas Cup on November 4.