APRIL 23 – Cardio

Semi Recumbent Bike – 30 min.
Foam Roll Regeneration Work – legs, glutes, hips, back
I started on some regeneration work with a foam roll today. I plan on doing regeneration work at least twice a week. I will also be adding in Active-Isolated Stretching (AIS) rope stretching after my foam roll work. This will improve my recovery as well as flexibility. The mobility work I perform prior to my squat/deadlift workouts has really improved my flexibility and mobility. The foam roll work and AIS rope stretches will improve my flexibility even more. The foam roll loosens the muscles and makes stretching more effective.

2007 AAPF Nationals

This was the best ran national competition I have competed in. The spotting was excellent and there were no missed spots. The judging was consistent. The atmosphere was good and everyone was supportive. Thanks to everyone for their help and support.
1st attempt 749.5lbs – good lift
2nd attempt 810lbs – missed
3rd attempt 810lbs – missed
Bench Press
1st attempt 512.5lbs – missed
2nd attempt 518lbs – missed
3rd attempt 518lbs – good lift
1st attempt 600.7lbs – good lift
2nd attempt 650lbs – missed
3rd attempt 650lbs – missed
Total 1868.2lbs
1st place Masters (40-44) 242
This was a very important meet for me. It was more important in the fact that I bombed on the squat in 3 out of my last 4 meets. I was able to get this behind me. It has been a major mental distraction. One of the major keys to this was loosing weight early enough in my training and not having to drop weight in a week. This affected the way my squat suit fit and contributed to me bombing. I also discovered shortly before this meet that my squat suit is a size bigger than my old squat suite and two sizes bigger than the recommended size for my measurements. It is no wonder that I wasn’t overly impressed with my current squat suit.
I had only 3 workouts in my squat gear and my bench shirt. My training cycle was short due to a back injury that I experienced the second week of February. I only deadlift once during this training cycle and pulled that time to see what to open with. I was trying to let my back heal, which it did and healed completely.
I am qualified for AWPC Worlds and I have 14 weeks to train. This will be an adequate amount of time to train and I am looking forward to a good meet.