Inc. BP – 70x3x10
Overhead Tricep Ext. w/green band – 3×30
Mini Band Tricep Kickbacks – 3×10
Pull ups – 3×10
Clay Lats w/V-bar – 120x3x10
Hammer Curls – 70x3x10
Rear Delt Raise – 20x3x10
DB Shrugs – 100x3x10
This is my first bench press workout since Worlds. I decided to ease back into it and do some dumbbell presses. I felt good and actually this is the best I have felt after a meet. I am probably not 100%, but I don’t feel weak like I have in the past after returning to the gym from a meet and a week off.


Week 1 of 10 – APF Texas Cup Training Cycle
Flexibility & Mobility Work
SQ <-- walked out 55x10 145x5 255x5 345x5 455x3 <-- add belt Sumo DL - 2 inch deficit w/choked blue bands 135x2 <-- add belt 225x5x2 45° Hypers w/DB - 75x5x10 GHR - 5x10 DB Obliques - 100x3x10 Two Arm DB Rows - 100x3x10 This was my first workout since AWPC Worlds and my first week of training for the APF Texas Cup. I am following Pat Robert's (inventor of the Allen Core Wheel) deadlift routine. Tonight was the first time I did sumo deadlifts in close to two years. The deadlifts felt good and the sumo stance felt comfortable. I will be alternating between sumo and conventional throughout this training cycle.

2007 AWPC Worlds

1st attempt – 804lbs missed on depth
2nd attempt – 848lbs good lift
3rd attempt – 876lbs missed
44lbs ahead after the squat
Bench Press
1st attempt – 523lbs good lift
2nd attempt – 551lbs missed due to uneven extension
3rd attempt – 551lbs missed
22lbs behind after the bench press
1st attempt – 650lbs
2nd attempt – 683lbs
3rd attempt – 705lbs missed
Total – 2055lbs 50lbs PR
1st place Open 242s