Metroflex Gym Raw Push/Pull

I didn’t train for this meet and just decided to do it for the heck of it. The Friday after Thanksgiving I was doing some deadlifts with doubled mini bands and my pulls were strong and fast. Since I bombed on the squat at the Cup and didn’t deadlift. I decided I would deadlift at the Metroflex meet to see where my pull was. So there was really no prep for this meet, just go do it. I decided last week to bench too, since I thought there was a division for combined lift total. I found out during the award ceremony that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t prepared to bench at all.

Bench Press Attempts
1 – 315lbs
2 – 365lbs
3 – 400lbs

Deadlift Attempts
1 – 600lbs
2 – 650lbs
3 – 680lbs

I placed second in the open 242 bench press and the open 242 deadlift.
My third attempt bench I missed around 4-6 inches off my chest. I need to do some heavier full range rep work and some low boards. I lost 10lbs in the past 10 days and figure that had something to do with my performance on the bench. I started feeling like I was running out of gas after my second attempt.