455×1 <-- add 4 boards & Rage X 495x1 <-- 3 boards 545x1 <-- 2 boards, add belt 585x0 <-- 1 board, dump 2 inches from lockout I used my Rage X tonight. I had to get a smaller size. The shirt works great. I can't believe the pop and support I get out of this shirt. All the weights went up fast and felt easy. The opening of the sleeves are too small and cut off my circulation. I couldn't feel my hands on the last attempt and lost my grip on the bar and dumped it on my chest. Scott had to cut the stitches on the sleeves to get the shirt off. I am going to get an inch taken off the sleeve. The tailor I use puts a thinner cuff on the sleeve opening. I had this done with my Ultimate Denim and it made it easier to get off and on.


Mobility Work
505×3 <-- add Metal Pro briefs 595x1 <-- add belt & Metal Pro squat suit w/straps down 705x1 <-- straps up 755x1 45° Hypers - 3x10 GHR - 3x10 Vertical Leg Raise - 3x10 I had velcro added to my Metal Pro squat suit and tonight I gave the suit a try. Having the velcro is going to make it easier to break parallel and sit back into the suit. I am having problems breaking with my hips first on the descent. I also think I need to bring my feet forward a little more. I have been thinking back to my raw squatting session several weeks ago. I was breaking with my hips first and squatting more upright. My squats went really great and I PRed by 91lbs. I need to work on my form so I can replicate what I was doing that night.

New Rage X and APF Texas State Meet

I received my Rage X Friday night and I will be trying it out Wednesday. I had to send the original one back for a smaller size. I am very anxious to try it out. I decided last week that I am going to change my competition training up. I plan on getting in gear every week to better master my gear. Basically I will have a raw training day and a geared training day for the bench and squat. On the deadlift I won’t be in gear except for the last couple training sessions before APF Masters Nationals. I have also decided to compete bench only at the APF Texas State meet March 29.