455×3 <-- 4 boards, add Rage X 495x1 <-- 3 boards, add belt 525x1 <-- 2 boards 545x0 <-- touch, missed at lockout Tricep Pressdowns w/fat v-bar - 70x3x10 Super Set
Pullups – 3×10
Neutral Grip Rows w/Czech bar – 218x3x10
Mini Band Pull Aparts – 1×40
I got my Rage X bench shirt in on Monday and tried it out tonight. The chest plate is too big and I have to send it back for a smaller size. This shirt was a 54 with 52 sleeves. I need to go down a size to a 52 with 50 arms.


Week 4 of 15 – APF Masters Nationals Training Cycle – Deload Week
AM Body Weight 245.5lbs
Shoulder Horn – 20x4x10
Incline DB Flyes – 25x3x10
Tricep Pressdowns – 50x3x10
This week I am deloading. This is my forth week of my training cycle, but I actually started it a week earlier than planned. I wanted to try out my Metal Pro squat suit since I had planned on switching back to it. I also started sumo deadlifts the same week. I squatted fairly heavy for four weeks straight and deadlifted sumo four consecutive weeks. It was evident Saturday night that I needed a deload since I went to bed a little before 8:00 PM. I slept 12 hours and I am normally up later on Saturday nights.