DE SQ (deload)

Mobility Work
45° Hypers – 2×20
GHR – 3×10
Sled Dragging – 45lbs x4 trips alt. forward & backward
I decided to deload today and Sunday. I need a break using my bench shirt four weeks in a row, squatting in gear six weeks in a row, and deadlifting eight weeks in a row, I am feeling tired and run down. The shirt is the main reason. I was going to wait until next week to deload. I got in the gym tonight and knew I needed to deload immediately. So I decided to deload my next two workouts and resume my regular training on Monday.

Diet Status – Week 8

I have two days left on my eighth week of my diet. I have been following the Anabolic Diet for Powerlifters. The fifth week on the diet I added in a snack between lunch and dinner. I was eating only whole foods and this week switched to a combinations of nuts and whey protein shakes. The nuts add some healthy fats as well as a whole food source. Two weeks ago I added vanadyl sulfate and alpha lipoic acid (ALA). These two supplements combined with chromium have even really improved my blood glucose levels. This week I switched to R-ALA in place of ALA. I can tell a difference in R-ALA over the ALA. My weight is ranging between 242 and 236. My weekend carb loads keep me from losing too much weight. At this point I don’t want to drop too much weight since I just bought new gear and I don’t want to replace it a second time. After Masters Nationals I am thinking about cutting back on the carb loads and getting leaner. I will drop down to around 230 and using the Anabolic Diet bulk back up to the 242 range. I should be a leaner 242 after that.


455×1 <-- add 3 board, Rage X, & belt 495x1 <-- 2 boards 525x1 <-- 2 boards 555x1 <-- 1 board 585x1 <-- 1 board 600x0 <-- full range, 2 inches from lockout 600x0 Super Set
Two Arm DB Rows – 100x3x10
DB Shrugs – 100x3x10
Super Set
Wrist Roller – 30x2x10 <-- ea. direction Wrist rotation - 10x4x10 My work in the Rage X went a lot better. With the progress I am making, I should get the groove figured out in the next workout or so. Sean said my first attempt with 600 is the best I ever looked in a shirt. I am still bringing the bar down below the support of the shirt, but I still managed to get very close to locking out 600. Once I get the grooved figured out 600 should be less difficult.


Mobility Work
505×3 <-- add Metal Pro briefs 595x3 <-- add Metal Ace Squatter w/straps down & belt 655x1 <-- straps up 705x1 745x1 <-- 5 inches high 795x1 <-- add Convict Pro knee wraps, 4 inches high 745x1 <-- 3 inches high Super Set
GHR – 3×10
45° Hypers – 3×10
Pulldown Abs – 88x3x10
I used my new Metal Ace Squatter tonight and I also tried my APT Convict Pro knee wraps. I am getting a lot more support out of my new Ace. I need to work hard the next five weeks on getting down to proper depth. I dropped down on my last set of squat to work hard and try to force myself to depth. I got closer, but not close enough. I should be able to make depth with 800lbs. The Convict Pro knee wraps are by far the best wraps I have used.