Diet Status – Week 15

This week makes 15 weeks on a low carb diet. This is the longest I have been able to stay on a diet since I got back into powerlifting. My bodyweight this morning was 231.5lbs. That makes 20.5lbs I have lost on the diet. I have also lost 5 inches off my waist. My bodyfat percent has decreased from 25% to 19.22%.
I had blood work done recently and my hemoglobin A1c was 5.6% down from 6.5%. The recommendation for diabetics is less than 7%. This is within normal range even for people without diabetes. My fasting blood glucose was 106 mg/dL down from 167 mg/dL. My health is really improving and I am strongly considering losing more weight. The leaner I can get the better I can control my diabetes and the better my testosterone levels should be.


Mobility Work
Olympic SQ
405×1 <-- add belt 405x1 Super Set
GHR – 3×10
GHR sit-ups – 3×10
45° Hyper – 3×10
My depth was 2 inches below parallel. My goal tonight was to see how light of a weight I could break parallel with. I am competing raw at the USAPL Texas State Meet on Saturday. I tried my last squat with my stance wider, but I didn’t break parallel. Once I start my training for USAPL Raw Nationals I will focus on improving my flexibility in order to squat with a wider stance. Raw squatting helps improve my flexibility as well. By USAPL Raw Nationals I should be able to break parallel by a good enough margin to use a wider stance.

Rehab/Prehab Lower

Bodyweight Low Box SQ (12 inch box) – 3×25
Band GM w/average band – 3×10
I had a gout attack Thursday and it has increasing gotten worse. I wasn’t able to do my dynamic effort squat workout on Friday. I normally take off, but with my upcoming meet next weekend I thought I should start back earlier. I was able to get in a good repetition upper body workout on Wednesday.

RE BP & Cardio

Super Set
Incline BP Machine – 120x3x15
Neutral Grip Pulldowns – 120x3x15
Super Set
Pec Deck – 120x3x15
Rear Delt Machine – 120x3x10
Super Set
Tricep Kickbacks – 15x3x10
DB Curls – 20x3x10
Super Set
Preacher Curl Machine – 80x3x10
Tricep Ext. Machin – 65x3x10
Ab Crunch Machine – 60x3x15
Elliptical Trainer – 10 min.
Lateral Raise Machine – 60x5x10
I typically don’t train the Wednesday following a meet, but since I have a meet two weeks out from my last meet I felt like I needed to at least get some blood into the muscles to help recuperation and to try to prevent any strength loss.

Phil’s APF Masters Nationals Meet Report

Pat Roberts, Ray Pierce, and Phil

First off I would like to thank my awesome wife Tiffany for once again traveling with me and supporting me as always. Without her understanding and support it wouldn’t be possible to do this. I have never once heard a complaint out of her about traveling, giving up her weekends, vacation time, or complaining about the time I spend in the gym. Her support couldn’t be any better.

I would also like to thank Erik for the awesome knee wraps and support. I would like to thank Stew, Sean, Jason Venn, and Levi for their support and help. It’s no coincidence that it’s the same people I constantly thank for their support and help. You guys are always there for me and I appreciate it.

Thanks to the McDaniels for the great judging and always being nice enough to explain what I did wrong and thanks for your support. The two of you and Garry Frank have given me hope that the APF will improve for the better. The judging was strict but consistent. The venue was great and ran well as Garry Frank always does. If all APF meets were ran this good, I could see the APF growing at a faster rate.

This was the most fun I have ever had at a meet. I was a good weekend. I got to see a lot of friends I don’t get to see that often and made some new ones. It was really nice meeting Gregg and Debbie Damminga, they are great people. I enjoyed spending time this weekend with my BAG family and other friends. It was good to see the McDaniel’s and their crew and great to see Mike, Larry, and Henry compete. It’s always fun being around Henry and Griffin.

I lost 17lbs during my training cycle for this meet and had a lot of problems squatting in gear. I decided to be very conservative on my openers to avoid bombing. I typically open at 804 on the squat, but due to the gear problems I had, I decided to open at 705. My warm ups felt good on the squat.

Squat (bombed)
1st Attempt 705lbs – was really trying hard to get to depth and missed the squat
2nd Attempt 705lbs – missed on depth
3rd Attempt 722lbs – missed on depth

I bombed on the squat, but was allowed to bench press.

Bench Press
1st Attempt 523lbs
2nd Attempt 551lbs – missed due to bar dipping
3rd Attempt 551lbs

My second attempt was easier than my first. The Rage X is going to be a good shirt for me. I finally got the groove figured out my last two workouts before the meet. At the meet I performed even better in the shirt.

My next meet is a USAPL meet in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am competing raw to qualify for the inaugural USAPL Raw Nationals. I am going to focus on raw powerlifting the next few months. My next geared meet will be the APF Texas Cup. If all goes well at USAPL Raw Nationals I can qualify to compete at the Arnold Classic. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and feel like I might be better suited for raw powerlifting. So I feel I have to give it a legitimate attempt. I have competed in a couple raw meets and really enjoyed competing that way.