Rack Pulls Below Knees (2nd pin from bottom)
405×3 <-- double overhand grip to here 495x3 <-- switch to alternating grip 545x3 <-- add belt 585x3 635x1 <-- add straps 675x0 Rev. Hyper - 180x3x10 KB Swing Throughs - 75x3x10 Pulldown Abs - 90x3x10 Elliptical - 15 min.


Week 6 of 8 – USAPL Raw Nationals Training Cycle
Super Set
BP – 225x3x10
Pullups – 3×10
Super Set
Dips – 3×10
Clay Lats – 160x3x10
Shoulder Press Machine – 100x2x10
Fat V-bar Pressdowns – 100x3x10
Hammer Curls – 40x3x10
Elliptical Trainer – 20 minutes

My Dad Passes Away

At 2:25 AM Friday June 20, 2008 my dad Travis Lee Wylie passed away. My dad was 66 years old and died from pneumonia and lung cancer. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer last summer and was in remission. He was admitted into Magnolia Regional Hospital in Corinth, Mississippi. He was in the hospital for over three weeks and the doctors discovered his cancer was back while doing x-rays and CAT scans. I got to spend time with my dad his last two days of his life.
My dad was born in McKinney, Texas on Thanksgiving Day November 27, 1941. I will miss my dad and did not expect him to pass so soon. His dad lived to be 87 years old and passed away just last year. This was a reminder to me to enjoy life and to not take my loved ones for granted.