2 Board Press
315×3 <-- paused all reps to here 365x1 385x1 395x0 350x3 350x2 CG BP - 225x3x5 Rev. Grip Pulldowns - 240x3x5 Circuit
Arnold Press – 20x3x10
DB Laterals – 20x3x10
Rear Delt Raise – 20x3x10
DB Front Raise – 20x3x10
Hammer Curls – 20x3x10
DB Curls – 20x3x10
Rev. Wrist Curl – 10x3x10

Training Notes

The past two weeks I have been working to get my squats deeper. I am breaking parallel by an inch or more. With the additional mobility work and stretching I should improve over the next several weeks. Approximately one and a half years ago it took 550lbs for me to break parallel on a raw squat. Today I can break with considerably less weight. Raw squatting and hip mobility work has really helped improve my squat depth. It amazes me how tough it is to squat below parallel. My technique is improving and between squatting deeper and for higher reps, it really makes my quads, adductors, and posterior chain sore. Going forward I will continue to train at this depth and should never have a problem in an APF meet with depth.


Mobility Work


Walkouts – 505×1

Pause SQ – 325x2x3

RDL – 225x3x5

Band Pull Throughs w/doubled light band – 3×10

GHR – 3×10

Pulldown Abs – 110x3x10

My form improved with each set and I am adjusting to squatting deep. By the time I got to the pause squats the weights were feeling easier due to my technique improving. I will be stretching and doing mobility work in the mornings when I do cardio. I added the pause squats to my ME workouts to improve my strength out of the hole. With the changes to my training and the additional stretching and mobility work, I will be ready for USAPL Raw Nationals.


Week 2 of 8 – USAPL Raw Nationals Training Cycle
BP (paused) – 275x3x5
Neutral Grip DB BP – 65x3x10
Neutral Grip Overhead Press – 95x3x10
Dips – 3×10
Overhead DB Tricep Ext. – 50x3x15
Tricep Kickbacks – 20x3x10