2008 USAPL Raw Nationals

USAPL Inaugural Raw Nationals

I would like to thank my wonderful wife Tiffany once again for her support. The meet was a well ran meet. It started at 9am and finished by noon. The judging was strict, fair and consistent. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

1st attempt – 440lbs depth
2nd attempt – 440lbs squat command
3rd attempt – 440lbs

Bench Press
1st attempt – 314lbs
2nd attempt – 352.5lbs
3rd attempt – 363.7lbs

1st attempt – 600.7lbs
2nd attempt – 661lbs
3rd attempt – 661lbs

Total – 1405.4lbs

5th place open 242
1st place master 1

Raw Nationals Meet Results

My Raw Nationals Meet Videos

This was my second USAPL meet and my first USAPL national meet. Regardless of the fact that I only got one squat and one deadlift in, I considered my performance a success. Two years ago it took 551lbs for me to break parallel raw. Two years later I can go three inches below parallel without any weight on my back. I was told by a judge after the meet that my squats were deep. This something I never thought I would hear from a USAPL judge. I stayed with the same weight on the squats and it was hard to not increase the weight. My wife told me to just get a squat passed. All three squats were very easy and I know I was at least good for 500lbs. I am capable of much more on my deadlift. I will have to revisit my training logs to see what I need to change to improve my deadlift. I really need a lot of improvement on my bench press. With some more time training and competing raw, I feel I have a good shot at placing in the top three at next years Raw Nationals.

DE SQ (deload)

Mobility Work
GHR – 3×10
45° Hypers – 3×10
Hanging Leg Raise – 2×10
This was my last workout before USAPL Raw Nationals. I compete Sunday July 27.


275×3 <-- each rep paused 315x3 <-- each rep paused Super Set
Neutral Grip Pullups – 3×10
Single Arm Rev. Grip Pressdowns – 70x3x10
Clay Lats – 180x3x10
Hammer Curls – 50x2x10


Week 8 of 8 – USAPL Raw Nationals Training Cycle
Mobility Work
405x3x1 <-- add belt DE DL - 365x5x1 <-- add belt Pulldown Abs - 110x3x10 GHR - 3x10 This was my final squat and deadlift workout of this training cycle. I focused on form and depth on my squats tonight. My form and depth were both good. I made a few tweaks to my form and it made a big difference with my depth. I focused on keeping my chest up and pulling my elbows down on the ascent. This kept me more upright and made it easier to squat deeper.


BP w/doubled light bands
275×1 <-- add 4 board 285x1 285x1 285x0 Cambered Bar BP 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x3 KB Stability Ball Single Arm Tricep Ext. - 35x3x10 Neutral Grip Pullups - 3x5 Single Arm BB Curl 20x10 30x10 40x10 Face Pulls - 160x3x10 Elliptical Trainer - 15 min.


Mobility Work
405×2 <-- add belt 455x1 475x1 DL 225x3 315x3 405x2 <-- add belt 495x1 545x1 GHR - 3x10 Hanging Leg Raises - 3x10 Tonight was my peak squat and I have one more week to train for USAPL Raw Nats. Tonight I squatted without a box to make sure my depth and form was OK without a box. I went 20lbs heavier than I originally intended. I have developed a habit of descending slowly and Sean recommended descending faster. My squats were easier with a faster descent, but it was a little harder to gauge my depth. I was breaking parallel with a faster descent, but not as deep. Next week I will focus on descending faster and squatting deeper to accommodate a faster descent.


Week 7 of 8 – USAPL Raw Nationals Training Cycle
Incline BP – 225x3x5
Shoulder Press Machine – 110×10, 160x2x10
Dips – 3×10
Pullups – 3×10
Overhead Cable Tricep Ext. w/rope – 120x5x10
Hammer Curls – 50x3x10
Clay Lats – 160x3x10