AM body weight = 232.5
Semi Recumbent Bike – 5 min. warm-up / 8 Tabata intervals / 5 min. cool down
Tabata interval = 20 sec. all out effort followed by 10 sec. rest period
Today made my two weeks that I have been doing Tabatas. It hasn’t been long enough to tell a difference yet, but I do think they are going to help. So far I have not been limiting my calorie intake and just have been keeping my carb intake below 30 grams per day. I think I need to tweak my diet to accelerate my weight loss. Lately I have been losing a half to 1lb per week, but I would like to lose 2lbs per week. I want to reach my target weight sooner, so I can have more time to adjust to the lighter body weight before NASA Unequipped Nationals in October. I have two more weeks before I start my training cycle for Unequipped Nationals.

AM Body Weight

AM body weight = 232.5
We got in around 11:30 PM last night from a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin for my wife’s family reunion. It was a good relaxing vacation and a nice break from the Texas heat. I was happy this morning to see my weight didn’t increase and I maintained my body weight. I stuck to my diet and had my carb load/re-feed on Saturday at the family reunion. Typically it takes several days to get my weight back down from the carb load/re-feed. I wasn’t able to weigh at the end of the week last week, so I am not certain of what I weighed. Since my body weight Tuesday morning was back down from my carb load/re-feed, I figure I must have lost some weight. At the rate things are going, I should lose at least a pound by the end of the week.

Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press (POR)
345×1 <-- RPE 9 Close Grip Pull-downs - 180x3x10 Circuit
A1) Hammer Curls – 55x3x8
A2) Arnold Press – 30x3x10
A3) Band Pull Aparts w/mini band – 3×10