Bench Press

Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press – 225x3x10
Dips – 3×10
Super Set
Pec Deck – 120x3x10
Pec Deck Rear Delts – 120x3x10
CSR – 200x3x10
Super Set
Hammer Curls – 30x3x10
DB Curls – 30x3x10
Tricep Ext. Machine – 80x3x10

AM Body Weight

AM Body Weight = 224
Down another pound. The new diet is working great. One thing for sure, you don’t get hungry on this diet. I am eating 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. This is animal protein and not protein powder. I am only allowed protein powder post workout. I am going to have to split my meals up more since eating a pound of meat at a time can be be tough. When the next meal comes around I am not hungry.


Wide Stance GM – 135x5x10
Front Squat
A1) Glute Bridge – 3×15
A2) Fire Hydrants – 3×10
A3) 45° Hypers – 3×20
Lying Leg Raise – 3×10
Chins – 3×5
Standing Behind the Neck Press – 45x3x10