Static stretching (lower body)
Foam roller (lower body)
315×2 <-- add belt Circuit
A1) Glute Bridge – 2×15
A2) Fire Hydrant – 2×15
A3) 45° Back Raise – 2×15
A4) Lunge – 2×15
After talking to Sean and Pat about my squat stance, I decided to go wider. Due to my weight loss, it is easier to squat deep and I am squatting too deep. I wanted to adjust my stance so I would go too deep and optimize my squat. On my second to last set of squats I felt pain in my upper right glute. My last set of squats half way down I felt pain in my glute and I dropped about 6 to 8 inches before I could stop. I didn’t complete my descent and re-racked the barbell. I injured my glute at USAPL Raw Nationals last year. It has bothered me off and on since then. I think it can be fixed by exercise and strengthening. I did some light glute work after squats and will keep glute work from now on.