Phillip “Rockman” Wylie is a 50 year old nationally ranked raw (aka unequipped) elite, drug free powerlifter. Phillip is a former member of the Bad Attitude Gym powerlifting team. Phillip lives in Carrollton, Texas and works as an Cyber Security Consultant specializing in ethical hacking.

Best Lifts (raw)
USAPL (body weight 260.1lbs)
Squat 573lbs
Bench Press 407lbs
Deadlift 672lbs
Total 1620lbs

NASA (body weight 243.9lbs)
Squat 551lbs
Bench Press 402lbs
Deadlift 705lbs (with deadlift bar)
Total 1658lbs

NASA (body weight 241.2lbs)
Squat 540lbs
Bench Press 402lbs
Deadlift 661lbs (with deadlift bar)
Total 1592lbs

Competition History

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