AWPC Worlds – Flint, MI
AWPC Worlds went nothing like I expected or wanted. I had my first bomb ever. It was also the first time I didn’t make weight in the almost three years I have been back. I missed weight by a pound. I was dehydrated from cutting water on Friday. I was able to urinate just enough for my drug test. I managed to drop the pound and make weight.
I lifted on Sunday and there were 22 lifters in the one and only flight of the day. The warm-ups were rushed and we didn’t get much time to warm-up.
1st attempt 810lbs – Too high. I was losing my balance on the descent and cut the squat short and came back up. I knew it was going to be high.
2nd attempt 810lbs – I lost my balance and missed the lift. One of the judges said I was still about 2 inches high.
3rd attempt 810lbs – I had Erik loosen my straps and wrap looser on my knee wraps. I once again lost my balance.
I had balance problems at this meet and Senior Nationals. The straps are wide on my new squat suit and I had to carry the bar further up on my shoulders to keep the bar from slipping. I read on Elite FTS that Ox Mason had to have his straps cut from a 5 inch width to a 3 inch width to resolve the same type of problem with his suit. Another option would be to improve my shoulder flexibility and bring my hands in closer. This should help me keep the bar on my back and help me to squat more upright. I didn’t have this problem until I switched suits. The suit is a good suit. I just have to find a way to keep the bar on my back where I used to carry it.
Thanks to Erik, Sean and Scott for there help on Sunday. I really appreciated all your help and support.

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