I weighed in at 238.6lbs and competed in the unequipped 242 division.


1st Attempt – 501.55lbs <-- squat command 2nd Attempt - 501.55lbs 3rd Attempt - 551lbs

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358.25lbs
2nd Attempt – 407.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 407.7lbs


1st Attempt – 622.7lbs
2nd Attempt – 677.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 677.7lbs


1st Place Open Unequipped 242
1st Place Master 1 Unequipped 242

Thanks to Erik, Tiffany, Shelly and Henry for your support and assistance at the meet. All I can say is that I had a very bad day. My total was 176lbs less than the meet prior to this meet. My training cycle didn’t go that well. I completed the prescribed reps on the 5/3/1 program, but I think the percentages were too high this training cycle. I have some work to do on my squat. One of the major problems I am having is my form. I keep bending over too far coming out of the hole.

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