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2010 USAPL Holiday Classic

Authentic Strength and Performance Center – Carrollton, Texas

Body Weight = 249.1lbs


1st – 451.7lbs
2nd – 512.5lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record
3rd – 534.5lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record

Bench Press

1st – 374.7bs
2nd – 407.7lbs
3rd – 418.7lbs missed


1st – 551lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record
2nd – 611.7lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record
3rd – 639.2lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record

Total – 1581.8lbs Masters 1B (45-49) 275 record
1st place Masters 1B (45-49) 275
Best Raw Lifter

2010 USAPL Holiday Classic

2010 NASA East Texas Regional

Body weight = 241.7lbs

1st attempt – 450lbs
2nd attempt – 507lbs
3rd attempt – 533lbs (missed)

Bench Press
1st attempt – 330lbs
2nd attempt – 358lbs
3rd attempt – 386lbs
4th attempt – 402lbs <- new masters 242 Texas record

1st attempt – 551lbs
2nd attempt – 601lbs
3rd attempt – passed on 3rd attempt

Total – 1510lbs (doesn’t include 4th bench)

1st place Masters 242 and best unequipped coefficient

2010 NASA East Texas Regionals

2010 NASA South Texas State

Alvin, Texas
May 29, 2010
I weighed in at 236.8lbs.
1st Attempt – 474lbs
2nd Attempt – 524lbs
3rd Attempt – 562lbs miss
1st Attempt – 358lbs
2nd Attempt – 369lbs miss
3rd Attempt – passed
1st Attempt – 600lbs
2nd Attempt – 633lbs miss
3rd Attempt – passed
I placed 1st in the Master 1 242lbs Division.
Thanks to Henry for wrapping my knees and helping me at the meet and thanks to my awesome daughter Jordan for videoing my lifts. Not my best meet, but not bad considering I lost 10lbs in 12 days and did the meet on short notice (a week). I think I could have tied my performance from the Arnold if I had opened lighter on the bench and deadlift. I was 3lbs lighter than I was at the Arnold.
After the meet I enjoyed a nice Memorial Day weekend with my daughter. We went to Galveston Island and went to a water park and went on a ghost tour of Galveston. We had a really good time.

USAPL Raw Challenge at The Arnold Sports Festival

I weighed in at 239.8lbs


1st Attempt – 501.5lbs
2nd Attempt – 523.5lbs
3rd Attempt – Passed

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358lbs
2nd Attempt – 369.2lbs
3rd Attempt – 380lbs missed


1st Attempt – 584lbs
2nd Attempt – 633.7lbs
3rd Attempt – Passed


4th Place Open 242lbs Division

Raw Challenge Video

The day started off good. I had the best sleep I have ever had prior to a meet. The hotel we stayed at had a physician’s scale in the fitness center. I wanted check my weight before eating breakfast. My weight was 238.5lbs and it was safe for me to eat breakfast. My lifting didn’t go as well as I had wished, but the experience was awesome. Competing at the Arnold has been a goal of mine since the first time I attended the Arnold in 2004. I had a lot of support at the meet considering it was a long way from home. My wife, Sean, Monte, Tanner, Meagan, and Meagan’s friend Beth were there to support me. Sean handled me and did a great job in spite of being sick. Meagan did a great job videoing my lifts and my wife did a great job photoing my lifts. I have some awesome video footage and pics of my Arnold experience thanks to Meagan and Tiffany. This was an awesome experience and it was great to have friends there to share the moment.

2009 NASA Unequipped Nationals

I weighed in at 256.7lbs and competed in the unequipped open 275lbs bench only division.
Thumbnail image for 2009 NASA Unequipped Nats.jpg
Bench Press
1st Attempt – 369lbs
2nd Attempt – 385.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 407.7lbs missed

1st Place Unequipped Open 275lbs Bench Only

Thanks once again to my awesome wife for her support, and videography. Thanks to my daughter for her support and photography. Thanks to Jason Venn for the great hand offs and support. Thanks to James Dunn, Erik Stark, Henry Thomason, and Rick Vraspier for your support. The four of you had a great day. Thanks to Landon Evans for designing my block periodization training program and all your support along the way. Block periodization is a really good training method and one I plan to stick with.

I missed my third attempt bench press due to bringing the bar down too high on my chest. I made this mistake due to getting too psyched before my third attempt. The weight did not feel heavy and my previous two attempts were very easy. My second attempt was the same weight as my second attempt at USAPL Raw Nationals, but it felt a lot easier today.

2009 USAPL Raw Nationals

First off I would like to thank Monte Sparkman for handling me. Monte did an awesome job handling and made it as easy as possible for me. All I had to worry about was lifting. I would also like to thank my wife Tiffany for her help, support and videoing my lifts. As always she was their to support and help.


1st Attempt – 534lbs
2nd Attempt – 567lbs missed
3rd Attempt – 567lbs missed

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358lbs
2nd Attempt – 385lbs
3rd Attempt – 396lbs missed


1st Attempt – 600lbs
2nd Attempt – 650lbs
3rd Attempt – 705lbs missed


5th Place Open 242
1st Place Master 242

Things didn’t go as well as I had hoped and cutting weight affected my performance. I dropped 10.5lbs of weight in a week. The night before the the meet I had to sit in a hot tub for 25 minutes to cut the last few pounds I needed to drop to make weight. After I got out of the hot tub I felt weak and went to bed knowing that might have been a mistake. I weighed over by 3/4 of a pound, but managed to drop the weight and make the 242lbs weight class.

The meet was good and well ran. The competition was tougher than last year. Last year I didn’t have much pressure in the master division, but this year I had Rick Wilcox pushing me. It was good to meet and compete with Rick. We had communicated via email and telephone prior to the meet. Rick was very encouraging every step of the way, including meet day.

Going forward I will not cut that much weight again. I will make sure to stay at or within a few pounds of contest weight. The 2 hour weigh in used by the USAPL makes it tough to put any weight back on prior to lifting.

2009 NASA Powersports Nationals

I weighed in at 238.6lbs and competed in the unequipped 242 division.


1st Attempt – 501.55lbs <-- squat command 2nd Attempt - 501.55lbs 3rd Attempt - 551lbs

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358.25lbs
2nd Attempt – 407.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 407.7lbs


1st Attempt – 622.7lbs
2nd Attempt – 677.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 677.7lbs


1st Place Open Unequipped 242
1st Place Master 1 Unequipped 242

Thanks to Erik, Tiffany, Shelly and Henry for your support and assistance at the meet. All I can say is that I had a very bad day. My total was 176lbs less than the meet prior to this meet. My training cycle didn’t go that well. I completed the prescribed reps on the 5/3/1 program, but I think the percentages were too high this training cycle. I have some work to do on my squat. One of the major problems I am having is my form. I keep bending over too far coming out of the hole.

2009 NASA Natural Nationals

I weighed in at 243.9lbs and competed in the unequipped 275lbs division.


1st Attempt – 501.55lbs
2nd Attempt – 551.15lbs
3rd Attempt – 578.7lbs

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358.25lbs
2nd Attempt – 402.34lbs <-- Master 1 American Record 3rd Attempt - Passed <-- I did not feel like I do much more if any. Deadlift 1st Attempt - 600.75lbs 2nd Attempt - 661lbs 3rd Attempt - 705.47lbs <-- Open & Master 1 American Record 4th Attempt - 722lbs

1658.96lbs <-- Open & Master 1 American Record 1st Place Open Unequipped 275 1st Place Master 1 Unequipped 275
My NASA Natural Nationals Meet Video

I tried to cut weight, but came up short at weigh in. I didn’t want to make weight at the risk of my performance, so I decided to compete 275’s. I completed my fifth wave of the 5/3/1 program going into this meet and the program is still working great. Since starting the 5/3/1 program I improved my raw deadlift by 55lbs, my raw bench 16lbs, I am squatting 551lbs to USAPL depth, and increased my total by 253.56lbs. My squat was 111lbs more than I squatted at this depth prior to the 5/3/1 program. I hit my goals on the bench and deadlift, but came up short on the squat. I got too psyched on my last squat attempt and was bent over too much coming out of the hole.

2008 NASA Unequipped Nationals

I would like to thank Adam for his help and support at the meet. One might think that you wouldn’t need a handler at a raw/unequipped meet. You can get by without a handler, but having Adam there made a big difference. I knew when I hit the platform that my depth would be good on the squat. The support, encouragement, and coaching helped me have a successful meet. Thanks once again to my awesome wife Tiffany for filming my lifts and supporting me. Thanks to Henry for his support. This was hands down my best meet ever. I am on the right track with my training thanks to Jim Wendler and his 5/3/1 program. This is an awesome program for raw lifters and could be used for equipped lifters as well.

I weighed in at 243.8lbs and competed in the 275’s.


1st attempt – 451.9lbs
2nd attempt – 501.55lbs
3rd attempt – 551.15lbs

Bench Press

1st attempt – 330.7lbs
2nd attempt – 363.8lbs
3rd attempt – 385.8lbs <– Master 1 American Record
4th attempt – 402.3lbs


1st attempt – 584.99lbs
2nd attempt – 633.82lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record
3rd attempt – 666.89lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record
4th attempt – 677.91lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record


1614.86lbs total with 4th attempt deadlift <– Master 1 American Record

2nd Place Open 275lbs
1st Place Master 1 275lbs
Best Lifter

My NASA Unequipped Nationals Meet Videos

2008 USAPL Raw Nationals

USAPL Inaugural Raw Nationals

I would like to thank my wonderful wife Tiffany once again for her support. The meet was a well ran meet. It started at 9am and finished by noon. The judging was strict, fair and consistent. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

1st attempt – 440lbs depth
2nd attempt – 440lbs squat command
3rd attempt – 440lbs

Bench Press
1st attempt – 314lbs
2nd attempt – 352.5lbs
3rd attempt – 363.7lbs

1st attempt – 600.7lbs
2nd attempt – 661lbs
3rd attempt – 661lbs

Total – 1405.4lbs

5th place open 242
1st place master 1

Raw Nationals Meet Results

My Raw Nationals Meet Videos

This was my second USAPL meet and my first USAPL national meet. Regardless of the fact that I only got one squat and one deadlift in, I considered my performance a success. Two years ago it took 551lbs for me to break parallel raw. Two years later I can go three inches below parallel without any weight on my back. I was told by a judge after the meet that my squats were deep. This something I never thought I would hear from a USAPL judge. I stayed with the same weight on the squats and it was hard to not increase the weight. My wife told me to just get a squat passed. All three squats were very easy and I know I was at least good for 500lbs. I am capable of much more on my deadlift. I will have to revisit my training logs to see what I need to change to improve my deadlift. I really need a lot of improvement on my bench press. With some more time training and competing raw, I feel I have a good shot at placing in the top three at next years Raw Nationals.