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NASA Unequipped Nationals training cycle winding down

3 day logo.jpgMy training for NASA Unequipped Nationals is winding down. This also marks my seventh week on the 5/3/1 program and my second wave. Next week is my deload and last week of my training cycle. This routine is working great for me and I see a definite strength increases. The weights I based my training percentages were very conservative. That is key when using the 5/3/1 routine. Even though my weights were conservative, the first wave was not too easy. It did take some work and it took me the first four week wave to adapt to the routine. As the program progresses I have seemed to adapt to it even more each week.
I have gained some muscle on this routine. My eating habits have not been good, but luckily from all the reps on the 5/3/1 routine I have gained lean mass opposed to fat that I usually gain following the conjugate/Westside routine.
I look forward to Unequipped Nationals. I should then get a better idea as to how my rep maxes translate to my one rep max.

Staying raw for now

3 day logo.jpgI have decided to focus on raw competitions for now. I have done a few raw meets in the past, but soon after I would do an equipped meet. I have to stick with raw competitions if I want to excel and besides that I am really enjoying it. My next meet is NASA Unequipped Nationals in Oklahoma City on October 18. My first two weeks of training have been to ease back into training after USAPL Raw Nationals and my week off after the meet. I will start my training cycle next week. After a lot of thought, I have decided to try Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 training method. This method is from his Training Three Days a Week training manual.

My Dad Passes Away

At 2:25 AM Friday June 20, 2008 my dad Travis Lee Wylie passed away. My dad was 66 years old and died from pneumonia and lung cancer. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer last summer and was in remission. He was admitted into Magnolia Regional Hospital in Corinth, Mississippi. He was in the hospital for over three weeks and the doctors discovered his cancer was back while doing x-rays and CAT scans. I got to spend time with my dad his last two days of his life.
My dad was born in McKinney, Texas on Thanksgiving Day November 27, 1941. I will miss my dad and did not expect him to pass so soon. His dad lived to be 87 years old and passed away just last year. This was a reminder to me to enjoy life and to not take my loved ones for granted.

Training Notes

The past two weeks I have been working to get my squats deeper. I am breaking parallel by an inch or more. With the additional mobility work and stretching I should improve over the next several weeks. Approximately one and a half years ago it took 550lbs for me to break parallel on a raw squat. Today I can break with considerably less weight. Raw squatting and hip mobility work has really helped improve my squat depth. It amazes me how tough it is to squat below parallel. My technique is improving and between squatting deeper and for higher reps, it really makes my quads, adductors, and posterior chain sore. Going forward I will continue to train at this depth and should never have a problem in an APF meet with depth.

Training Notes

Today starts my thirteenth week of my fifteenth week training program for APF Masters Nationals. I learned some things the hard way during this training cycle. At least I should be able to correct these problems. I quit doing DE squats and deadlifts. I also wasn’t doing DE bench workouts, but recently started back. I was doing fine for a while, but I have lost a noticeable amount of speed. I started back doing DE squatting and deadlifting on Friday. This will give me four weeks of dynamic work before Masters Nationals.

New Rage X and APF Texas State Meet

I received my Rage X Friday night and I will be trying it out Wednesday. I had to send the original one back for a smaller size. I am very anxious to try it out. I decided last week that I am going to change my competition training up. I plan on getting in gear every week to better master my gear. Basically I will have a raw training day and a geared training day for the bench and squat. On the deadlift I won’t be in gear except for the last couple training sessions before APF Masters Nationals. I have also decided to compete bench only at the APF Texas State meet March 29.