I would like to thank Adam for his help and support at the meet. One might think that you wouldn’t need a handler at a raw/unequipped meet. You can get by without a handler, but having Adam there made a big difference. I knew when I hit the platform that my depth would be good on the squat. The support, encouragement, and coaching helped me have a successful meet. Thanks once again to my awesome wife Tiffany for filming my lifts and supporting me. Thanks to Henry for his support. This was hands down my best meet ever. I am on the right track with my training thanks to Jim Wendler and his 5/3/1 program. This is an awesome program for raw lifters and could be used for equipped lifters as well.

I weighed in at 243.8lbs and competed in the 275’s.


1st attempt – 451.9lbs
2nd attempt – 501.55lbs
3rd attempt – 551.15lbs

Bench Press

1st attempt – 330.7lbs
2nd attempt – 363.8lbs
3rd attempt – 385.8lbs <– Master 1 American Record
4th attempt – 402.3lbs


1st attempt – 584.99lbs
2nd attempt – 633.82lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record
3rd attempt – 666.89lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record
4th attempt – 677.91lbs <– Open & Master 1 American Record


1614.86lbs total with 4th attempt deadlift <– Master 1 American Record

2nd Place Open 275lbs
1st Place Master 1 275lbs
Best Lifter

My NASA Unequipped Nationals Meet Videos

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