I weighed in at 243.9lbs and competed in the unequipped 275lbs division.


1st Attempt – 501.55lbs
2nd Attempt – 551.15lbs
3rd Attempt – 578.7lbs

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358.25lbs
2nd Attempt – 402.34lbs <-- Master 1 American Record 3rd Attempt - Passed <-- I did not feel like I do much more if any. Deadlift 1st Attempt - 600.75lbs 2nd Attempt - 661lbs 3rd Attempt - 705.47lbs <-- Open & Master 1 American Record 4th Attempt - 722lbs

1658.96lbs <-- Open & Master 1 American Record 1st Place Open Unequipped 275 1st Place Master 1 Unequipped 275
My NASA Natural Nationals Meet Video

I tried to cut weight, but came up short at weigh in. I didn’t want to make weight at the risk of my performance, so I decided to compete 275’s. I completed my fifth wave of the 5/3/1 program going into this meet and the program is still working great. Since starting the 5/3/1 program I improved my raw deadlift by 55lbs, my raw bench 16lbs, I am squatting 551lbs to USAPL depth, and increased my total by 253.56lbs. My squat was 111lbs more than I squatted at this depth prior to the 5/3/1 program. I hit my goals on the bench and deadlift, but came up short on the squat. I got too psyched on my last squat attempt and was bent over too much coming out of the hole.

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