First off I would like to thank Monte Sparkman for handling me. Monte did an awesome job handling and made it as easy as possible for me. All I had to worry about was lifting. I would also like to thank my wife Tiffany for her help, support and videoing my lifts. As always she was their to support and help.


1st Attempt – 534lbs
2nd Attempt – 567lbs missed
3rd Attempt – 567lbs missed

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358lbs
2nd Attempt – 385lbs
3rd Attempt – 396lbs missed


1st Attempt – 600lbs
2nd Attempt – 650lbs
3rd Attempt – 705lbs missed


5th Place Open 242
1st Place Master 242

Things didn’t go as well as I had hoped and cutting weight affected my performance. I dropped 10.5lbs of weight in a week. The night before the the meet I had to sit in a hot tub for 25 minutes to cut the last few pounds I needed to drop to make weight. After I got out of the hot tub I felt weak and went to bed knowing that might have been a mistake. I weighed over by 3/4 of a pound, but managed to drop the weight and make the 242lbs weight class.

The meet was good and well ran. The competition was tougher than last year. Last year I didn’t have much pressure in the master division, but this year I had Rick Wilcox pushing me. It was good to meet and compete with Rick. We had communicated via email and telephone prior to the meet. Rick was very encouraging every step of the way, including meet day.

Going forward I will not cut that much weight again. I will make sure to stay at or within a few pounds of contest weight. The 2 hour weigh in used by the USAPL makes it tough to put any weight back on prior to lifting.

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