55×5 <-- Metal Pro Briefs 145x5 255x5 345x3 455x1 545x1 <-- Add Metal Ace w/straps down & belt 655x1 <-- Forgot belt on this set, but still easy 745x1 <-- (full gear) Straps up, belt, & knee wraps 805x1 955x1 <-- Double rev. blue band box squat | full gear GHR w/medicine ball - 25x3x12 GHR sit-ups w/medicine ball - 25x3x15 The Ace is working really well for me. Two weeks ago I found the groove and each week my form gets a little better. I figured some things out on the setup tonight and it helped quite a bit. 805 felt easier than my last meet. 804 will be my opener at Seniors.

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