135×5 <-- double overhand grip 245x3 335x1 445x1 <-- add Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 535x1 <-- alternating grip 645x1 <-- add belt & straps up 705x0 <-- suit too tight hard to get down to bar 45° Hypers w/doubled light band - 3x20 Hack SQ on EFS Power SQ Machine - 4 plates x3x10 Plate Pinch Grips - 25s x3 5 sec. holds per hand KB Holds (KB upside down gripping the bottom) - 26x3 5 sec. holds per hand My deadlift suit is too small for me and I need to order a bigger suit. I am sacrificing my form to grip the bar and by the time I get my grip my back is rounded and I lose my air. I didn’t use the hook grip tonight because I plan on using an alternating grip for Seniors. I plan on using the hook grip in future meets, but I feel like I need some more work with the hook. I am still trying to figure out a better way to train my deadlift and the hook grip will dictate some changes. Since you don’t get as much speed off the floor with the hook grip I need to find things to help in this area. I will continue to do speed pulls, but I am thinking about adding rack pulls from the lowest pin in our power rack. This would take all the speed out of the picture and I feel like this would help due to a lot of focus on speed pulls over the last 2.5 years.

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