Super Set
Close Stance Leg Press – 150×15, 250×12, 350x2x10
Leg Press Calf Raises – 150×15, 250×12 350x2x12
Leg Ext. – 100x3x10
Leg Curls – 100x3x10
Super Set
Standing Calf Raise – 350x3x12
Hise Shrugs – 350x3x12
Chest Supported Rows – 150×10, 200x2x10
Rear Delt Machine – 110x3x10
Kelso Shrugs – 90x3x12
Spider Curls w/straight bar – 60x3x10
Hammer Curls (no rest between sets)- 50×10, 40×10, 30×10, 20×10
Tibia Machine – 50x3x12
Wrist Roller – 60x4x10 (over hand and under hand)
Shrug Machine – 180x3x12
Leg Raises – 3×12
This workout took about 35 minutes to complete. The plan is to do an extra workout like this each week. I haven’t been doing much quad work and by adding it my deadlift should improve. I use a close stance to mimic my deadlift stance.

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