Mobility Work
225×5 <-- double overhand grip 315x1 365x5 420x5 <-- switched to alternating grip after first rep 475x5 <-- add belt Deadlift off 7.5 inch blocks (bar below knees) 365x10 405x8 455x5 Super Set
45° Hyper w/weight in front – 45x3x20
Standing Calf Raise – 495x3x20
Super Set
45° Lying Leg Raise – 2×10, 2×8, 2×6
GHR – 3×10
I had a good workout tonight. I could really feel it working my glutes going lighter and for higher reps on the deadlifts off the blocks. I plan to continue doing a secondary deadlift variation for reps on my deadlift day.

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