275×3 <-- add 1 board 315x3 365x1 385x1 405x0 <-- missed 2 inches from lockout 365x1 Band Pressdowns w/light band - 1x100 CSR - 4 plates x4x8 Hammer Curls - 55x2x8 405 on 1 board press was fast off my chest but I missed locking it out by 2 inches. I think if I would have tucked more I would have been successful. I didn't take the weight a second time because I am trying to not miss too many weights in training. I feel like this has a negative effect on my training. Since I am training to compete raw in January I figured I should concentrate on ME exercises that work the low end of my bench. After tonight I realized that I need to focus on my lockout. I will just continue to do repetition work on my DE bench day.

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