I was doing well with my diet and was on it 4.5 months. My dad went in the hospital with pneumonia and passed away. Needless to say I got off my diet. Spending late nights at a hospital, making funeral arrangements and taking care of my mom made it hard to stick to my diet.
I got back on my diet last Monday and I have lost a total of 7lbs. I was 242.5lbs last Monday and lost down to 234.5lbs after a week on the diet. I started back doing cardio this morning. I have not been consistent with my cardio and I know to be successful with my weight loss I need to do cardio. My goal is to drop down a weight class and compete in the 220lbs class. I have enough body fat to do so. I typically carb load on the weekends and I am not supposed to start until the second weekend of my diet. The last time I started my diet I started carb loading the first weekend. To have faster and better results I knew I needed to wait until the second weekend to carb load. It is my goal to keep the cheating to a minimum and ideally I want to keep it to one cheat meal per week instead of all weekend long.

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