I tweaked my back training Monday night. I aggravated the area I injured at The Cup last November. Since The Cup I worked around the injury. I figured out what aggravated the injury and avoided those exercises. My back was finally 100% before NASA Natural Nationals in January. Monday was my first day back in the gym after taking my typical week off after the meet. I was really amped to be back in the gym and ready to start training for AAPF Nationals. I did deadlifts from a deficit by pulling off our 2 inch think platform. My pulls went well until my last pull of 575lbs for a single rep. The weight felt strong and easy, but after the pull my back started bothering me. This is a big disappointment since my intentions were to pull more often to try to improve my deadlift.
I went to my holistic doc/chiropractor for and adjustment. The diagnosis was an injured disk. After the adjustment my back felt a little better. The doc instructed me to layoff from training for a week and go back for a follow up visit. At that time he would reevaluate my back and let me know if I can start back training or not. He was originally saying two weeks, but upon my obvious disappointment he said he would recheck me in a week.

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