SSB Parallel Box Squat (15.5″ box)
425×5 <-- add belt Bench Press (paused) 45x5 135x5 205x5 245x5 285x5 330x2x5 Incline DB Bench Press w/light band - 60x3x10 Neutral Grip Chin-ups - 3x8 A1. Close Stance Leg Press - 405x10, 455x10, 495x10 A2. Leg Press Calf Raise - 405x20, 455x20, 495x20 I felt like doing something different today, so I did some SSB squats to a parallel box. I felt these a lot in my quads due to the combination of the SSB and my squat shoes. I have one solid week of training left and I will do some light lifting the week of the meet.

Post Author: Phillip Wylie