Flexibility & Mobility Work
GHR w/blue band – 3×10
DB Obliques – 100x3x10
Pulldown Abs – 70x3x20
Tonight I was able to move down to a 14 inch box from a 16 inch box on DE squats. I have been consistent with my stretching and mobility work on squat/deadlift days and on my Saturday extra workouts. I believe that raw squats and box squats also helped improve my mobility and flexibility. I was able to squat onto a 14 inch box with just a bar on my back. It used to take 315lbs for me to get down to a 16 inch box.
I am a little over 2 weeks out from my raw competition. This raw training cycle is one of the best things I have done for my training in a long time. Prior to my last meet this past November, my hips were sore during warm-ups and raw DE squats were hard on my hips. Now my hip strength is much improved. I really think I am going to get good carry over to my equipped lifts.

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