4 Board Press w/doubled light bands
45×5 <-- add bands 135x3 185x3 225x3 <-- add boards 275x3 315x1 PR 325x0 325x0 DB BP - 100x2x5 Face Pulls - 50x2x20 V-Bar Pulldowns - 138x3x10 KB Holds (KB upside down gripping the bottom) - 26x3 5 sec. holds per hand This was a breakthrough workout. I hit a 20lbs PR and demonstrated that my lockout is getting stronger. This is the best bench press training cycle I have had in a quite a while. I am confident that my bench press is turning around. I should PR my bench at AWPC Worlds and I feel like by the APF Texas Cup in November there should be a significant increase on my bench. I have one more max effort bench day before Worlds.

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