Rotator Cuff Exercises
425×1 <-- add 3 board & Metal Viking Pro 455x1 <-- 2 board 475x1 <-- no boards 485x1 CSR 3 plates x10 4 plates x10 5 plated x10 KB Rear Delts - 23x3x10 This was my last workout before AWPC Worlds. I plan on opening around 475 on the bench. I feel fully recovered and I will have 11 days off before Worlds. This has been a good training cycle; I consider it to be one of my best ever. I really feel like phosphatidylserine has helped my recovery. I started using it my last week of training before Seniors. The last week of training I only took it on workout days and after Seniors I took it every day. I took a week off from training. I took 3 grams a day after workouts and when I went to taking it every day after Seniors I took a gram a day. I normally feel a little weak the first 2 weeks of training after a meet, but this time around I didn’t. I also normally start feeling tired and a little beat up the last week of training for a meet, and didn’t this time. This is an awesome supplement. It helped my CNS bounce back after Seniors and has helped my CNS recovered. This is not a cheap supplement, but it is worth it. I highly recommend it and I thing you should at least us it the last 2-4 weeks of training and the 2 weeks following a meet.

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