135×3 <-- Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 225x3 315x3 405x1 585x1 <-- add belt 605x1 <-- straps up 655x0 655x0 Pulldown Abs - 70x3x20 This was my first workout since AWPC Worlds and it wasn’t a very good workout. I figured since I didn’t pull at Worlds since I bombed, that it would be alright to pull heavy. My first attempt at 655, I got it past my knees and almost locked it out. I started losing my grip with my left hand and put the bar down to keep from dropping the bar. I made the mistake of not taking phosphatidylserine. I figured since I didn’t get past the squat at Worlds that I didn’t need it. Ray brought up a good point when I was telling him about not taking phosphatidylserine after the meet like I did follow Seniors. He said 3 attempts at 810lbs would affect my CNS. I will not make the mistake of not taking phosphatidylserine after a meet again. It really helps my CNS bounce back more quickly.

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