405×3 <-- add Ultimate Denim Shirt | 4 boards 455x2 <-- add belt | 2 boards 495x1 <-- 1 board 545x1 <-- no touch 545x0 <-- bar shot over my face and did not touch 545x0 <-- dumped bar 545x1 <-- touched DB Incline BP - 75x3x10 Tricep Pressdowns - 50x3x10 DB Rows - 140x3x10 DB Rev. Curls - 20x3x10 DB Curls - 30x3x10 Clay Lats - 150x3x10 I had a hard time touching in my bench shirt tonight. The muscle I put on is causing me to get more support out of my shirt. In the past I was able to touch 545 fairly easy in my Ultimate Denim. The good thing was that I was able to lock my last bench press out and did not get too fatigued. In the past I would have been too fatigued and would have stopped sooner. Tonight was another indicator that I am getting good carry over from Metal Militia board presses.

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