Flexibility & Mobility Work
505×3 <-- add belt Rack Pulls (4th pin up | just below knees) 225x3 315x3 405x3 455x3 <-- add belt 495x3 <-- double overhand grip up to here 545x3 <-- switched to alternating grip 585x3 Super Set
Rev. Hyper – 180x3x20
GHR – 3×10
Pulldown Abs – 140x3x10
This was another good workout. I didn’t sleep well so I didn’t push it too hard tonight. My burglar alarm woke me up at 2:00AM and the alarm monitoring company woke me up at 4:30AM. I worked up to weights on the squats and rack pulls that made me work, but did not push my limits. This was my 4th straight week of some time of deadlift variation. The first 3 weeks I deadlifted off the floor for sets of 3 reps.

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